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Title: Filling Oxygen Bottles
Post by: ghancock on August 10, 2017, 10:19:42 am
So I started out trying to find a local shop to fill my oxygen tank and what I found was hundreds of links saying not to waste my money.  I even found sites that offer oxygen systems saying the same thing.  Basically that the oxygen inside my torch is the exact same as what I'd get at the local airport as they are all filled from the same supply these days.  I have even seen pictures of welding supply trucks filling up hospital oxygen systems.

Is this true?  And if so, where would I find a hose to connect my large tank to the smaller one?


Title: Re: Filling Oxygen Bottles
Post by: SKYFLYER on August 10, 2017, 10:56:58 am
Yes it seems there are so many ads saying just that... BUT the truth is that you need AVIATORS OX which is certified to be dry O2 as oxygen with any moisture in it is capable of freezing in the valve thus closing off the supply of O2.

Consider your compressor and when you use the drain cock and the water that comes out after you have been using it. Same for compressed O2 that has not been run thru a "dryer" to remove all water vapor. This holds true for ANY O2 system that is outside of the heated cabin of the aircraft.

So if you use torch gas... just be ready to recognize hypoxia and get down under 10K before you pass out.
Title: Re: Filling Oxygen Bottles
Post by: ghancock on August 10, 2017, 12:49:30 pm
I understand that, but from what I'm reading they no longer run the air through anything to dry it as it no longer has water introduced to it like it used to.  In fact they say it hasn't since the 60's and before that the hospitals were adding water for some reason.  I've read sites that say the bottle the airport is using to charge you $50 to fill came from the exact same supply tank that the torches are being filled from.

They could be lying but I've found a ton of sites making the same claim.  And a LOT of people saying that they fill their tanks this way.

Title: Re: Filling Oxygen Bottles
Post by: SKYFLYER on August 10, 2017, 01:19:45 pm
You are correct the O2 is O2 regardless but the quality of it may vary.. this is from AOPA...

All oxygen supplies come from a very small number of vendors and is normally delivered in 25,000 gallon refrigerated tanks. The manufacturing process is so thorough and clean that the finished product meets all usage specifications right from the tank. However, just to be sure, any lot of oxygen destined to be medical oxygen is batch tested for aromatics (oils, Benzene, and other impurities that appear in the manufacturing equipment). ABO (aviation breathing oxygen) is also tested for moisture content, while welding oxygen comes straight from the vendor with no additional additives or testing.

FAR Part 135 requires that the operator must provide ABO or an ďacceptable replacement.Ē But under Part 91, it is at the pilot (operatorís) discretion. Although hundreds of FBOs around the country have aviation oxygen available, industrial oxygen (remember, itís all the same) can also be used for Part 91 operations.