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Author Topic: Running Airconditioning on the ground 690C  (Read 998 times)

Steve binnette

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Re: Running Airconditioning on the ground 690C
« Reply #15 on: June 09, 2019, 12:48:46 pm »
I did not even consider a ground clearance switch when I stared doing my panel.

It was only after flying a king air 250 that had a ground clearance switch, then I needed one for my Commander. :)

Now I press the ground clearance switch and the airplane stays quiet and just my 750 powers up.

Typically I get my clearance several minutes before departure and prior to boarding passengers.  Most of the times it doesnít matter but at other times you might get a surprise change in your routing or they have a delaying in picking up the clearance.

I donít like having passengers on board unless I know we can move.
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