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Author Topic: Pulling the wing...  (Read 8905 times)

Russell Legg

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Pulling the wing...
« on: October 10, 2015, 01:26:02 am »

Hello Folk,

The following is a series of raw conversations regarding TCFG members' thoughts/experience with removing the wing from the Aero Commander fuselage.
These conversations are sourced from the TCFG Chatlist in the early 2000's and are strictly the opinions of members at the time.
While I am sure the experiences discussed are still as relevant in 2015, it should be noted that some key members featured have since passed out of Commander ownership.

Richard Thompson has extensive experience in removing and refitting the wing assembly...



560E s/n 726

Pulling  a wing

Is is possible to remove 520/560/680F wings for truck transport?  I am looking
at a few restoration candidates.  Unfortunately none of these aircraft are on
my home airport.  Is is neccessary to make them ferriable, or can truck transport
be used?  Does anyone know where I might find shop maintenence manuals?

Do we have a nitrogen bottle on the older 680E commanders for helping
thelanding gear down or do they gravity fall ?

Also, does anybody have a good system for carrying skis and snowboards
in the after part of the fuselage like around the battery area ?


HI PAUL.................

        There is no assist to the gear free fall.  The bungee chords do help
pull the gear over center at the very end of its travel, but they simply
"fall " doun when the hydraulic pressure is removed.
    There is a nitrogen bottle mounted in the left nacelle.  It is charged to
350psi and is used to "buffer" the hydraulic system.  If it is low in psi,
you will notice the hyd pressure quickly cycle from about 900 back up to
    I just bungee corded my skies to the LH fuselage sidewall, just aft of
the rear baggage curtain.  I placed an old piece of carpet down first and it
worked great.

Removing the wing is not difficult , just time consuming.
1. Support fuselage . I built 2 boxes out of ply and rested the fuse in
webbing slings attached to the boxes. One forward of the wing and one behind.
2. Remove both engines.
3. Disconect all wirig,fuel lines and control cables.
4. Remove centre fuel cell.
5. Remove hood liner.
6. Remove Ailerone and flaps.
7. Support wing on stands.
8. Remove skin rivets on top skin forward and aft of wing . Follow rivet line
around the bottom of the wing.
9. Remove bolts and huck bolts from front and rear spars.
10. Lift wing vertically off fuse.
11. Remove Rudder and elevator.
12. Remove horizontal stabilizer once again bolts and hucks
To replace use reverse order. I refitted my wing  in about an hour and had my
680E on its wheels in about two hours. Wing is held on with bolts and I am
waiting for the local engineering shop to fit new huck bolts or equivalents .
Once this is done I will re rivet the skins.

The fuse is best transported on a step deck trailer or lowbed. as height is
aproblem. I tilted the fuse by putting the fw box on the step and the rr box
on the deck. The wing is easy . Fold the gear up and rest wing on tyre
protruding from nacelle, support firewall on old tyre. Tie wing down usig top
outboard engine mount point and rear of truss through rear of nacelle. Thus
wing is resting literally on its gear . With the wing check local traffic
code as regards overhang. We had a 49ft wing on a 45ft trailer.

This description is very basic so feel free to contact me with any questions.
I have a number of photos I can  mail you if you require.

Apart from that I am having a great time overhauling all my Hydraulic
components at a freinds shop. A point of interest is that we are replacing
the accumulator with a Vickers unit that is almost the same size as the
original but are able to get bladders for easily. Will keep advised on part
nos etc.


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Re: Pulling the wing...
« Reply #1 on: October 10, 2015, 08:09:39 am »
Wow,  Awesome post.  I wish we had pictures of his project as it sounds extremely interesting.
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