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Author Topic: Howdy from Denver - The start of a 560 project  (Read 339 times)


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Howdy from Denver - The start of a 560 project
« on: January 01, 2018, 09:39:58 pm »
Hello All,
I've really enjoyed reading the discussions and have been wanting to provide an introduction for awhile, so after finding some spare time this over the holidays I finally had a chance to register. Other than seeing commanders from afar or in Bob Hoover videos, my first introduction to Aero Commanders was June 2012 in Johnson Creek, Idaho of all places. Some of you might recognize this guy. (3U2:

In 2014 an Aero Commander near my home airport in Denver, Colorado came up for sale. It was a 1955 Straight 560 Serial #200 with GO-480-B1Cs. The plane sat for sale quite a long time as far smarter buyers wisely went a different direction. While I was trying to be good and avoid picking up another project (as I was currently restoring a C-180B), another one of my pilot friends and fellow commander enthusiast reached out to the owner and started inquiring. After going to look at the plane and firing up the engines to taxi around the airport, I was hooked and we ultimately came to a deal with the owner. Despite an extensive pre-buy and assurance from the owner it was only an annual away from being airworthy ;) reality set in very quickly this was going to be a full blown project. That was Nov of 2014. Now Jan 2018, I still have not flown the plane and the project has become more involved than I had ever imagined.

The good news is this 560 commander will fly again and is currently undergoing an extensive restoration. Both GO-480s are being field overhauled, Prop's IRAN'd, new lightweight interior and avionics, and other upgrades. I will try and start a few additional threads if people are interested in seeing the GO-480 rebuild progress and fuselage work. I also look forward to hearing any tips and feedback from the real experts here on the forum.

Alec - MtnWest

Pictures of N2700B

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1955 AC560


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Re: Howdy from Denver - The start of a 560 project
« Reply #1 on: January 01, 2018, 11:49:09 pm »

I'd love to see more about your overhauls and restoration work. Looks like a fun project!

Adam Frisch

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Re: Howdy from Denver - The start of a 560 project
« Reply #2 on: January 02, 2018, 01:33:11 am »
Welcome Alec!

That's me taking off in the 520 at Johnson Creek a few years back. I had a great time there and just wished I'd been able to come back, but the 520 got sold and the Aerostar wasn't ideal for that airstrip.

Great to hear you're taking care of a straight 560. In many ways, they're ideal planes - the shorter 520 body and wing, but with the swept tail. I have about 1hr in a 560 and loved how it flew. Just like the 520, they're real STOL planes. I could get mine off the ground in 600ft and the 560 should be able to do even better, lightly loaded. And don't suffer from any of the later aircraft's spar problems either. I hope you can get it flying soon! Please let us know what you've done to it and what's left to do!
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Re: Howdy from Denver - The start of a 560 project
« Reply #3 on: January 02, 2018, 03:52:00 am »
What a Classic!  Show us some before and after pictures. 

Do you know the planes history? What?s the TT?

I love that picture of Adam departing Johnson Creek.


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Re: Howdy from Denver - The start of a 560 project
« Reply #4 on: January 04, 2018, 10:36:04 am »
That is cool!  Great to hear about your project, Alec.  Nice photos, too.  I am looking forward to seeing/hearing more.  My 500B is at the tai end of its Annual and two engine overhaul, so I am quite excited about getting back in the saddle again soon.