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Author Topic: Club seating and shoulder harnesses: recommendations?  (Read 9597 times)


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Re: Club seating and shoulder harnesses: recommendations?
« Reply #15 on: April 21, 2022, 11:56:29 am »
After checking several knowledgeable sources, I have not found a kit that is approved for the 500B. Bruce has done a few custom installs on 500Bs, but they were field approvals and cost was in the high thousands, probably exceeding $10k in today's world.

So the remaining option is AmSafe airbag belts.

AmSafe has this to say: "AmSafe’s Seatbelt Airbag System (SOARS) is a universally adjustable lapbelt airbag restraint system designed to mitigate head and torso injury in aircraft crash conditions."

Aviation Consumer says: "AmSafe’s website has a number of videos showing deployment of SOARS and that while a double-over-the-shoulder belt system is truly a lifesaver, an airbag is even better at protecting an occupant from flail injuries and hyperextension of the neck."

It's a bolt-in replacement for the lap belt and is approved for all Twin Commanders - even the 700!

Current price is $2580 + installation for two front seats.
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